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About Grounds Maintenance & Associated Services Framework

PROCUREMENT BODY – NHS Shared Business Services

Framework Value: £100 million

Framework Duration: 4 years


What is Grounds Maintenance & Associated Services Framework? 

Within each NHS Trust is an ‘Estate Maintenance’ policy, This includes:

• The continuous provision of functionally suitable facilities for healthcare provision creating a safe pleasant environment internally and externally.

• Maintenance of the integrity of the building fabric and building Services, public health and utility systems equipment and site infrastructure which comprises the Facilities.

• Minimise disruption to the Trust’s operation in the delivery of the Estate services.

• Ensuring that all plant, equipment, buildings, utility Services and site infrastructure do not cause or create any hazard to the environment and/or any person on the Trust Site(s) and community premises.

Frameworks like this are made in order for these aims to be met. With this framework, the NHS Trusts save money, effectively maintaining the life of an asset at the lowest possible cost. Without these frameworks and the dedicated suppliers we work with, the NHS would struggle to run effectively and would be a danger to patients.

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Framework Scope – Grounds Maintenance & Associated Services

The NHS Operating Framework also sets out six longer-terms aims that inform near-term objectives.

• Longer healthy life expectancy.

• Excellent quality, safety and outcomes.

• Excellent access and experience.

• Equity of healthy life expectancy, quality, safety, outcomes, access and experience.

• Value for taxpayers’ money.

• Support to society, the economy and environment.

Who can buy through the Grounds Maintenance & Associated Services Framework??

• Central Government, e.g. Home Office, Ministry of Justice

• Local Government, e.g. Your local Council

• Education, e.g. Universities, Royal Nursing College, High Schools

• Health, e.g. Your local Hospital, Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs)

• Criminal Justice, e.g. Greater Manchester Police (CCGs)

• Defence, e.g. tri-Forces (Army, Navy, Airforce), MoD

• Anomalies, e.g. Coastguard

Lots – Grounds Maintenance & Associated Services Framework

Provision of grounds maintenance services to include grass cutting, bed and border, maintenance, litter picking, leaf clearance, weeding, strimming, lawn care, flora display, lawn treatment, hedge cuttings, planting and fly tipping removal.

Provision of planned tree care services to include maintenance, inspection, tree clearing, pruning, and planting. The service will also offer consultation and advice service as and when required.

Provision of winter services to include gritting services, pre-treatment solutions, snow clearance and salt treatment. Suppliers are expected to be able to provide flexible and adjustable solutions to approved organisations which include manual and mechanical solutions.

Provision of fencing services to include safety fencing, security fencing, panel fencing and mesh fencing. This lot includes repair of existing fencing and new installations.

The Supplier is to provide a pest control services for the premises, in order to keep approved organisations premises free from rodents, birds, insects and other pests. The Supplier shall provide a full suite of pest control measures for dealing with a range of pests encountered by Approved Organisations.

Provision of a sustainable Knotweed service treatment solution across a variety of public sector settings.

Provision of a hard landscape services across public sector settings. Services to be provided include landscaping works for hospitals, parks, gardens, schools, playgrounds, parks, and roads.


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