Network Services 3

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Procurement Body: Crown Commercial Service

Framework Value: £5 billion (based on previous iteration)

Scope of the Framework

The Network Services 3 agreement covers telecommunications services including networks for the entire Public Sector, their associated bodies and agencies and the voluntary sector and charities. This framework offers customers a range of primary and ancillary services including:
• Voice and data provision
• Internet access
• WiFi
• Radio
• Security and Surveillance
• Audio and video conferencing
• Equipment
• Maintenance and support services

Lot Structure

Lot 1: WAN – Inter Site Connectivity
Lot 1a: General Connectivity (WAN)
Lot 1b: Wide Area
Lot 1c: MoD Tactical
Lot 1d: Domain

Lot 2: LAN – Intra Site Connectivity
Lot 2a: General Connectivity (LAN)
Lot 2b: Local IoT

Lot 3: Surveillance & CCTV

Lot 4: Cloud & Premise Telephony and Contact Centre
Lot 4a: Telephony & Unified Communications
Lot 4b: Paging & Alerting
Lot 4c: Concierge and Alerting Services
Lot 4d: Contact Centre
Lot 4e: CPaaS

This Lot structure is subject to change.

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