G-Cloud 14: Groundbreaking Changes to the UK’s Biggest Framework

The 14th iteration of G-Cloud brings in groundbreaking changes to the UK’s biggest Framework.

G-Cloud 14 will run for at least 18 months, with a maximum duration of two years – double the lifespan of previous iterations. However, contracts awarded to suppliers on the Framework can run for up to four years.

Since its first iteration in 2012, G-Cloud has been the main route to market for all businesses who offer cloud-based solutions. Over the past 11 years, a huge £15 billion has been spent through G-Cloud.

Perfect Framework for SMEs

Of this £15 billion, 39% (nearly £6 billion) has been spent with small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), sitting above the 33% target set by the SME Agenda.  

One of the key factors that sets G-Cloud apart from other Frameworks is that buyers are more likely to be directly awarded contracts, rather than having to enter competitions. This benefits SMEs, as it saves the time and resources taken to enter these competitions against larger businesses, who may have their own in-house bid teams. 

Anyone who wishes to supply cloud hosting, support or software to the Public Sector can apply to be on the Framework. 

How GovData Can Help You Access G-Cloud 

GovData is proud to champion smaller businesses and support their path into Public Sector work. That is why we predominantly choose to work with British SMEs, and often businesses who are yet to break into the Public Sector.

GovData is especially passionate about IT Frameworks, and G-Cloud in particular. This is because our CEO, Chris Hugo, played a significant role in the creation of the original G-Cloud.  

As a result, our team of Framework experts understand the intricacies of G-Cloud submissions better than anyone else. 

Our work does not just finish at bid submission, as we are not merely bid writers. Our Premium Aftercare package means that for 12 months following your bid submission, your dedicated Client Relationship Manager will be available to support you with any queries and offer tailored advice and guidance on how to make the most of your Framework Award. 

Also included in our Aftercare package are several exclusive services, such as QualifAI and DealHunter. These will help you to solidify your business’ place in the Public Sector and begin to make valuable connections for now and the future. 

So, get in touch with GovData today! We’re offering free consultations, and you can get in touch on 01925 269600 or [email protected].

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