Bid Reviewer – Professional Services (Commercial)

Job Type: Full-time
Salary: £22,500 per annum
Experience: worked within a Service Assurance Role

As a Bid Reviewer within Professional Services you will be responsible for:

· Liaising with the Bid Support Professional to ensure that at First Review of all the content provided by our Customers to match all content against a set criterion and gap-analyse.

· Ensuring that the Bid Support Professional has collated all necessary information from the customer.

· Conducting the Second Review of all Customer Documents and working with the Senior Bid Reviewer to ensure that all documentation is complete for Third Review.

· Producing clear and concise feedback to ensure that customers are successful in their Submissions.

· Drafting and Creating Feedback within 48 Hours of Receipt of a Bid from a Customer.

· Intelligence Gathering in our Pre-Live Engagement with our Customers to ensure that the Bid Function has all the required information to produce a consistent, clear, and structured delivery of a Product to our Customers.

· Maintaining the Bid Repository and Knowledgebase to ensure that our Bid Function is well informed and up to date with the latest procurement news, government standards, and accreditations.

· Liaising with Account Executives within the Delivery Function to relay feedback to Customers.

· Producing advice and guidance to our customers on tender documents, procurement law, and on specific products which the Bid Function will work on.

· Collating feedback from all stages of review to assist in the formulation of Quality Reports on Customer Bid Submissions.

· Working with a Bid Team with a clear structure consisting of: Account Executives, Bid Support Professionals, Bid Reviewers, Senior Bid Reviewers, Commercial Bid Analyst, Head of Account Management & Pillar Bid Manager.

· Assisting the Product Launch Process within GovData to identify relevant and attractive products for our customer.

· Create documents for Customers to complete to assist in the Bid Submission Process.

· Managing your own personal development plan and developing your industry-specific knowledge to assist GovData in its aims to achieve 100% Success in everything we do.


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