Contracts and Bid Manager

Job Type: Full-time
Salary: £31,000 per annum (up to £43,600 per year OTE)
Experience: Understanding of procurement processes and experience of managing tenders


GovData are recruiting a professional Bid Manager within our service delivery function to manage and lead a team through tender submissions and drive high results and revenue generation. You may have a previous background working in bids and proposals, dealing with wholesale purchasing, supply chain, quality assurance and/or procurement.

As the Bid Manager within the Delivery Team, you will be responsible for:

· The end-to-end bid process in your respective pillar.

· Implementing and maintaining working practices against GovData’s standard operating procedures.

· Linking between the Delivery, Data & Sales teams to facilitate transparency across the business and engage the key stakeholders with the service delivery function.

· Researching relevant public sector purchasing organisations to gather opportunity details and assessing the viability of new products to deliver.

· Working with the Delivery Management Team and Head Of Delivery to identify and match relevant public sector opportunities for your team to product launch and deliver.

· Delivering successful tender submissions with your team and in partnership with key clients.

· Ensure the regular communication with clients within the communication plan and schedules of work.

· Supporting key stakeholders within GovData to gather, analyse, interpret and report on data from UK and International procurement bodies on their opportunities, supporting the new product development process.

· Supporting key stakeholders in the collection and analysis of public sector policies and spending plans, to support the development of GovData’s strategy, marketing and also our client’s public sector business strategies.

· Supporting the growth of GovData by delivering successful bids and proposals and driving retention of existing clients on new opportunities to increase revenue to the company.

· Recruiting and managing a team that includes a Senior Bid Reviewer, Specialised Bid Reviewers, Bid Support Professional and Customer Account Executives.

· Reporting of activity, performance, product development and people issues to the Head Of Delivery.

· Driving your team’s performance across all key KPI’s to ensure consistency and results.

· Completing regular One to Ones, Coaching and PDP sessions.

· Working with the Management Team to develop and improve a Customer Relationship Management system and Client Portal that is fit for purpose.


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