Energy Specialist Bid Reviewer

Job Type: Full-time
Salary: £22,500 per annum
Experience: 4 years’ experience in a Bids and Proposals Management or a similar role within a Bid Function

As a Bid Reviewer, you will work within the Delivery Team and be responsible for managing the quality of bid submissions in response to customer engagements. This will facilitate the successful listing of a client onto Public Sector Frameworks as well as specific open tender responses. You will work strictly to deadlines set by procurement authorities and need to exercise good time management to ensure that deadlines are met.

As a Bid Reviewer within the Infrastructure Pillar you will be responsible for:

· Briefing the Bid Support Professional to ensure that at First Review of all the content provided by our Customers match all content against a set criterion and gap-analyse.

· Ensuring that the Bid Support Professional has collated all necessary information from the customer.

· Conducting the Second Review of all Customer Documents and working with the Senior Bid Reviewer to ensure that all documentation is complete for Third Review.

· Producing clear and concise feedback to ensure that customers are successful in their Submissions.

· Drafting and Creating Feedback within 48 Hours of Receipt of information from a Customer.

· Intelligence Gathering in our Pre-Live Engagement with our Customers to ensure that the Bid Function has all the required information to produce a consistent, clear, and structured delivery of a Product to our Customers.

· Maintaining the Bid Repository and Knowledgebase to ensure that our Delivery Function is well informed and up to date with the latest procurement news, government standards, and accreditations.

· Liaising with Account Executives within the Delivery Function to relay feedback to Customers.

· Producing advice and guidance to our customers on tender documents, procurement law, and on specific products which the Bid Function will work on.

· Collating feedback from all stages of review to assist in the formulation of Quality Reports on Customer Bid Submissions.

· Working with a Bid Team with a clear structure consisting of: Account Executives, Bid Support Professionals, Bid Reviewers, Senior Bid Reviewers, Commercial Bid Analyst, Head of Account Management & Pillar Bid Manager.

· Assisting the Product Launch Process within GovData to identify relevant and attractive products for our customer.

· To take part in Bid Start-Up Meetings.

· Creating documents for Customers to complete to assist in the Bid Submission Process.

· Managing your own personal development plan and developing your industry-specific knowledge to assist GovData in its aims to achieve 100% Success in everything we do.

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