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Network Services 3 Procurement Framework

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About the Network Services 3 Procurement Framework

PROCUREMENT BODY – Crown Commercial Service




What is Network Services 3? 

The framework will provide telecommunication services to the entire public sector, their associated bodies and agencies, the voluntary sector, and charities. The services available will consist of a range of primary and ancillary services, such as internet access, WiFi, radio, security and surveillance, audio and video conferencing, equipment, and maintenance and support services.

Helping you secure access to Network Services 3

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Framework Scope – Network Services 3

The Government, namely the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport, are focused on developing networks and the digital infrastructure nationwide. Through projects such as Gigabit and the Shared Rural Network, the ‘National Data Strategy’ can be delivered. Whilst projects have been in place pre-covid, the pandemic has highlighted the importance of a connected Britain. With many forced to learn, work, and socialise through a screen, the need to provide gigabit quality connections to all areas of the country has become even greater. The target for the Gigabit Project has therefore increased by 1,850,000 premises as the government aim to advance the scheme and increase their outreach.

This framework is needed to help the government and Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport achieve their ambitions with the Gigabit Project and the attempt to cover areas with poor or no connections. With the public sectors reliance on high-speed networks, the telecoms and digital infrastructure is unsurprisingly ever-changing. It is due to this constant development that frameworks such as Network Services arise as they provide a hub of suppliers for those requiring upgraded systems. The availability of an improved network for the NHS (HSCN) means the increased demand for electronic prescriptions can be facilitated as the sector adapts to the demands the pandemic has created.

Framework Services and Lots – Network Services 3

Lot 1: Inter Site Connectivity
Lot 1a: WAN – Data Access Services
Lot 1b: Radio incl. MoD Tactical
Lot 1c: Critical Domain Services

Lot 2: Intra Site Connectivity
Lot 2a: LAN – Local Connectivity Services

Lot 3: Emerging Technologies
Lot 3a: IoT & Smart Cities
Lot 3b: Communication Platform as a Service

Lot 4: Unified Communications
Lot 4a: Cloud & On-premise Telephony
Lot 4b: Paging & Alerting
Lot 4c: Contact Centre

Understanding Network Services 3

Understand if Network Services 3 is right for your business, who can buy through this Framework and suppliers already registered

Who is the Network Services 3 framework for?

The Network Services 3 framework provides a route to market for businesses that are able to provide UK government and public sector organisations access to network infrastructure and communication services such as cloud services, audio and video conferencing, radio, and satellite networking. For businesses looking to grow their business and stand out amongst the competition, we recommend getting on the Network Services 3 framework.

Network Services 3 Procurement Framework

Who can buy through the Network Services 3 Framework?

Central Government, e.g. Home Office, Ministry of Justice

Local Government, e.g. Your local Council

Education, e.g. Universities, Royal Nursing College, High Schools

Health, e.g. Your local Hospital, Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs)

Criminal Justice, e.g. Greater Manchester Metropolitan Policing

Defence, e.g. tri-Forces (Army, Navy, Airforce), MoD

Anomalies, e.g. Coastguard

Network Services 3 Procurement Framework

Network Services – Current Suppliers

  • 4net Technologies Ltd
    8X8 UK Ltd
    Abzorb Group Ltd
    Adept Technology Group Plc
    Affini Technology
    Airwave Solutions Ltd
    Amillan Ltd
    Anywhere SIM Ltd
    Ascom (UK)
    Atos It Services Uk Ltd
    G J Beckett And Associates Ltd (T/a Beckett Telecom)
    Britannic Technologies Ltd
    BTS Holdings Ltd
    Business Systems (U.K.) Ltd
    Cae Technology Services Ltd
    Cancom Managed Services Ltd
    Cantium Business Solutions Ltd
    Capita Business Services Ltd
    CDW Ltd
    Centerprise International Ltd
    Centiant INTL Ltd
    Charterhouse Voice & Data Ltd
  • Chess ICT Ltd (CUSTOMER)
    Cinos Ltd (CUSTOMER)
    Cisilion Ltd
    Class Affinity Projects Ltd
    Clear Visual Communications Ltd (CUSTOMER)
    Colt Technology
    Commsworld Ltd
    Community Fibre Ltd
    Croft Communications Ltd
    Convergence (Group Networks) Ltd (CUSTOMER)
    Datrix Ltd
    Digiquip Group Ltd
    European Electronique Ltd
    Exchange Communications Installations Ltd
    Exponential-E Ltd
    Fleet Mobile Communications Ltd
    Foehn Ltd
    Fujitsu Services Ltd
    Gamma Telecom Ltd
    Gci Network Solutions Ltd
    Glemnet Ltd (CUSTOMER)
    Highspeed Office Ltd
    Icom Holdings Ltd
    Incom Business Systems Ltd
  • Internet Videocommunications Ltd (CUSTOMER)
    Logicalis UK Ltd
    Loopup Ltd
    Lumen Technologies UK Ltd
    Maintel Europe Ltd
    Mitel Networks Ltd
    MLL Telecom Ltd
    Motorola Solutions UK Ltd (Parent Company of Airwave Solutions Ltd, already on CRM)
    NEC Software Solutions UK Ltd
    Netcall Technology Ltd
    North PB Ltd
    (Mutual Company with North SV Ltd)
    North SV Ltd
    (Mutual company with North PB Ltd)
    NTT United Kingdom Ltd
    Telefonica UK Ltd (T/a O2)
    Opus Business Systems Ltd
    Pageone Communications Ltd
    Plannet 21 Communications Ltd (HO in Republic of Ireland)
    Probrand Ltd
    Radiocoms Systems Ltd
    Redcentric Solutions Ltd
    RM Education Ltd
    Roc Technologies (CUSTOMER)
  • Six Degrees Technology Group Ltd (T/a Six Degrees)
    Softcat Plc
    South West Communications Group Ltd (GDPR)
    Southern Communications Corporate Solutions Ltd
    Specialist Computer Centres PLC
    Stone Technologies Ltd
    Syscomm Ltd (CUSTOMER)
    Talktalk Communications Ltd
    Telent Technology Services Ltd (CUSTOMER)
    Thales UK Ltd
    The Networking People (TNP) Ltd (GDPR)
    UK Broadband Ltd
    Updata Infrastructure (Uk) Ltd
    Videocentric Ltd
    Virgin Media Business Ltd
    Visconn Ltd
    Vivio Ltd
    Vocasa Ltd (CUSTOMER)
    Vodafone Ltd (CUSTOMER)
    Wavenet Ltd (CUSTOMER)
    Wifi Spark Ltd (GDPR)
    XMA Ltd



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