Our Services

Our Services

Helping SMEs win Government and Public Sector customers.

Historically, Government and Public Sector procurement has been a notoriously challenging space for SMEs. It has been a market largely dominated by the big organisations, until now.

So how has the landscape changed for SMEs?

The SME Agenda – The Governments mandate is to allocate 33% of contract awards (by revenue) to the SME marketplace by 2020. This has levelled the playing field, with Government and Public Sector procurement more readily shaped around the needs of SMEs in recent years.

SMEs can draw on the Government and Public Sector procurement expertise of GovData and utilise our fully managed service to maximise framework and contract success.

  • Importantly SMEs are now paid promptly for Government and Public Sector contracts, helping to ease cashflow.

Maximising your opportunity.

Your success in getting onto a Government and Public Sector framework is significantly enhanced with the specialist procurement expertise of GovData. We have been successful with over 500 applications for a variety of Crown Commercial Service (CCS) frameworks.

GovData has assisted SMEs to win £16 billion in contract awards across the Public Sector over the last 10 years and achieved 100% technology framework success.

Full end to end framework submission service.

Our longstanding Government and Public Sector relationships ensure that our knowledge is channelled into procurement best practice that mitigates your risk throughout the framework process.

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Guidance through the technical aspects of listing
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Support you with the fulfilment of governance and compliance
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Post framework marketing advice to maximise market engagement
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Advice and assistance to grow your revenues and diversify into global Government markets