Government IT Tenders, Frameworks, and Contracts

Government IT Tenders, Frameworks and Contracts

Looking to join an IT Framework? GovData have been successful with over 1800 applications for national Technology frameworks with an industry leading success rate


Set up as a private entity, GovData act as an expert facilitator to help you win your place on Government Frameworks such as G-Cloud, Network Services and VAS. We understand the complex and time-consuming process that all businesses face when approaching Frameworks and we’re here to remove this barrier. With over 1,800 successful applications for many Government IT frameworks we’re here to help you win.


82% of first attempts to join a national framework fail. Many businesses are inexperienced with tendering to the public sector and often do not have the correct policies or documents in place to make them fully compliant suppliers. We work with your business to find the best IT framework for you. GovData’s teams help you ensure your documentation, compliancy information, policies, and procedures are up to scratch and make sure your ITT responses are perfectly aligned with the needs of the framework.


Once you are on a framework, our expert bid writing team will collaborate with your business to understand your technical expertise, commercial standards, and your capabilities to write a high scoring response within 28 days to ensure you are winning government IT tenders. Our team have over 28+ years in public bid sector writing and together we’ve helped our clients win over £37 Billion in Public Sector contracts!

Helping you to get on the right IT Frameworks for you business

Over recent years we have seen major advancements in technology as the world strives to become more connected than ever before – a trend that was accelerated by the Coronavirus pandemic. The pandemic not only caused a cultural shift in the way we work, live, communicate and travel, but also forced the Government to address, protect and improve the critical systems that we rely so heavily on.

In 2020/21 Government spend on Public Sector procurement hit £357 billion across the UK, an increase of 17% on the previous year and going forward, the Government will be investing £2.6bn in Cyber and Legacy IT over the next 3 years in addition to the £22bn National Cyber Strategy.

With opportunities for IT Government contracts increasing, GovData work closely with you and your teams throughout every step of the process to ensure that you get on the most critical frameworks such as “Cyber Security Services, IT Consult and NS3. At GovData we are proud to have helped our clients win over £37 Billion in Public Sector contracts


Helping you win Government IT and technology contracts

Key information when applying for Public Sector IT and Technology Frameworks


GovData are world leaders in Public Sector procurement, we’ve worked inside and alongside Public Sector procurement bodies including Crown Commercial Services, and NHS Shared Business Services for over 20 years giving our team and clients unparalleled insight into what a great bid looks like and more importantly why bids succeed and fail.

The Public Sector IT framework opportunity is huge with over £2.6bn being invested in cyber and IT over the next 3 years which prioritises investing in the UK’s cyber skills, improving cyber security responses and disrupting state-backed cyberattacks, in addition to the £22bn National Cyber Security Strategy.

GovData has helped many businesses successfully get on the correct frameworks needed to be invited to tender for multi-million-pound Public Sector contracts. Strategically designed to level the playing field for all Technology organisations, frameworks such as Network Services 3 (NS3) or Virtual Application Solutions are structured by LOTs (services) to align the right suppliers with the needs of the government. Frameworks like these mean that the contracts are often awarded to more than one organisation based on the services required. There’s no limit to the number of lots your business can apply, though there can be some restrictions depending on the framework, bear in mind that you’ll need to be able to demonstrate credibility and capability for each one.

For example, with G-Cloud 13 a framework designed to help customers in the UK Public Sector to purchase cloud-based computing services (preferably from SMEs) such as hosting software and cloud support, is made up of 4 lots, each of which focuses on a different area of the cloud. Meaning that there are at least 4 suppliers as part of this contract, often with multiple suppliers per lot to ensure the government is ensuring value for money from our public services. (there are over 5,000 suppliers on G-Cloud and over 38,000 services available).

Once approved and awarded a successful framework position your business is now eligible to supply solutions and services directly to the bodies included. With a clear mandate for all purchasing to be completed through approved frameworks, a successful framework award can create huge opportunities for growth.

Cyber Security Services 3 framework


Recent research shows that 82% of framework submissions fail when they’re self-submitted – not because the company is wrong for the contract but typically a combination of technical documents, mis-matched answers, missed deadlines or a combination of all of these things. Creating a winning framework application takes time, experience and an inherent knowledge of the key scoring criteria that awarding bodies are looking for. At GovData our experienced team help businesses break through the barriers to entry and create effective, winning submissions week in, week out.

Network Services 3 Procurement Framework


In 2021 alone the UK Government spending on Public Sector procurement including Bids and Tenders reached £357 Billion, an increase of 17% on the year prior. This expenditure is set to remain at significant levels across 2022 and beyond as UK’s Public Sector looks to speed up, simplify and transform the public procurement process in line with a broader levelling up agenda.

As part of the SME Agenda, the UK Government has been clear and transparent in their ambition to ensure the growth of SMEs, requiring that by law 33% of all public spending must be with SMEs. However, on technology frameworks this figure is much higher with 50% of all budgets to be spent with SMEs.

At GovData our team are experts with IT Frameworks and Government IT tenders and are here to help you access the breadth of opportunities available within the Public Sector and unlock your growth potential with expert guidance to get you there fast.

Cyber Security Services 3 framework



With the digital landscape expanding rapidly, the opportunities for technology tenders are high and we want to ensure you take advantage of these by getting your business on the appropriate frameworks. We have a 97% submission success rate on framework submissions!


We understand the frustrations with breaking into the Public Sector, the process can often be complex, time-consuming, and costly. Once you’re on the framework, our expert team of bid writers will become a fundamental part of your team and help fuel your growth, breaking down the barriers to winning technology tenders. Together we have won over £37 Billion in contracts for our clients!


We understand that without a Public Sector framework team you may have limited resources to start or grow your opportunities within Government or Public Sector That’s why our Technology frameworks team manage your entire framework submission from end-to-end. With your input and our expertise, we take the hassle out of the framework process for you.


We will be with you every step of the way, whether you need us for one framework submission, one bid or our help and guidance to grow your footprint with Government contracts we’re here to help. We’re more than just bid writers, we help you champion simple, powerful, real-world information that helps your business to compete and win.


Nicole Fletcher

Bid Manager
I started my journey with GovData as an Account Executive in the Delivery Department and progressed to Bid Reviewer, Senior Bid Reviewer and ultimately Bid Manager. I have worked various frameworks spanning various industries but particularly enjoy the People and Buildings and Infrastructure frameworks. I have enjoyed building our relationships and watching my clients grow and progress throughout the Public Sector.

Joe Hazeldine

Account Executive
I am an Account Executive and have worked with the Delivery Team for 7 months after moving from the Data Research Department. In my time so far, 100% of my customers have been successfully appointed onto their Framework. With an end-to-end customer management approach, I am thoroughly enjoying watching my customers grow in the public sector and become confident in bidding for opportunities and winning contracts.

Ghulam Ali

Bids Reviewer & Bid Support IT Pillar
With an IT background in networking, ERP implementation and management with various accreditations and certifications. I have worked in various positions as IT Manager, Senior Business Consultant, and Bid Reviewer.
I have an impeccable submission record and success rate on a multitude of frameworks including; Multifunctional Devices, Apple Equipment and Digital Document Solutions.
I pride myself on being a contract professional with a record of achievement, process improvements, performance improvement, relationship management and development.

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