About Us

About Us

GovData is a market leader in Public Sector business and provide specialist expertise to ensure businesses take advantage of the £378 Billion spent each year on goods and services.

Our extensive knowledge of the Government and Public Sector business has helped hundreds of British businesses to achieve success in this space. This has provided the catalyst for greater opportunities, accelerated growth and diversification into global markets.

The process is daunting for some organisations, particularly British businesses. Our best practice approach mitigates risk through the provision of a cost effective, end to end managed services. This involves all technical aspects being delivered in the fulfilment of governance and compliance.

We deliver the right supplier and the right buyer at the right time.

Our Mission

To create an opportunity for British business, by helping them to:


the Public Sector market


Government Business


growth in business scale and revenue


into global Government markets

Our Values

The values we uphold as a team, business and brand are fundamental to building a collaborative and connected culture that creates positive customer experiences.

Collaboration and Teamwork

Loyalty and Respect

Honesty and Integrity

Trust and Reliability

Passion and Energy

Transparent and Ethical

Ambition and Innovation

Accountable and Committed