Exa Networks Framework Success


Ex Networks ISP in Schools

Exa Networks is one of the UK’s leading independent education and business ISPs offering a full range of connectivity options for schools.

As the company has grown, Exa Networks recognised the importance of being on a framework to work with local authorities.

“We’d dipped our toes into the red tape, but we soon realised that it’s a one-shot-thing and that if we missed the opportunity, it could become a major issue for us. This is especially true of the Network Services 2 framework which only presents itself every four years,” explains Mark Cowgill, CEO for Exa Networks.

“I knew that it would take a chunk of my time and resources and that meeting any challenges along the way was probably best left to the experts, so I began looking for a partner to help us out,” added Cowgill.


Exa engaged with GovData to access the G9 and Technical Services 2 frameworks.

Commenting on this engagement, Cowgill said, “It was a totally painless process. I think it probably took around two days of my time collectively to help GovData put the submissions together. Without them I’d make a conservative estimate that I would have easily spent five or six times that amount of time doing it myself. I also believe I’d have needed additional internal resource.”


GovData took Exa through the process step by step and the submission was made in a matter of weeks. Exa were successful in getting onto the G9 and TS2 frameworks and are now working towards the NS2 framework.

The company has seen the doors to government departments open more readily as a result of being on these frameworks.

Cowgill went on to say, “Just being on the right frameworks opens up conversations that you couldn’t otherwise have with government departments. GovData has made this possible in the shortest amount of time and without any stress. I have total faith in the process and in working with GovData.”