Debunking Social Value

Debunking Social Value

Last week, we provided a glossary of key terms within Public Sector procurement to help break down complex terminology.  

Following on from this, we want to shine a light on Social Value, which is a requirement for all public bodies to consider when deciding what to buy. As GovData are the leading procurement experts, we have the knowledge on how to break down these requirements and ensure that your business is prepared and successful when bidding for Frameworks, regardless of your prior experience.

What is Social Value?

Social Value is the means in which your business is benefiting the wellbeing of the wider community and is split into 3 categories: social, economic and environmental. 

Considering Social Value in all aspects of your business is a great way for you to stand out to customers, as it demonstrates your core values and willingness to tackle social issues, regardless of how small these steps are. For example, it is National Skip the Straw Day on February 23rd, and your business could advocate for this by reducing or cutting your reliance on single-use plastics. 

How Does This Come Into Public Procurement? 

Public Bodies must comply with the Social Value Act 2012 and Procurement Policy Note 06/20. The requirement is for central government departments to apply a weighting of at least 10% to Social Value, so understanding and mapping this for your business is crucial in getting access to Public Sector contracts no matter what services you provide; be it technology, healthcare, recruitment, or construction. 

However, the importance of Social Value doesn’t just stop there. Did you know that Carbon Reduction Plans, compliant with Procurement Policy Note 06/21, are now a requirement when bidding for Frameworks? These must outline your business’s steps to becoming Carbon Net Zero by 2050, in line with the UK Government’s Net Zero Strategy. Not only this, they also must contain a calculation of your organisation’s current emissions. 

How Can GovData Help? 

Social Value can seem daunting to businesses looking to access Public Sector funding, particularly small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) who are only just beginning their journey into the Public Sector. 

However, GovData are procurement experts who specialise in helping businesses get onto Frameworks. We follow a step-by-step procedure that involves reviewing and breaking down Social Value requirements on each Framework. In doing so, we can guide you through outlining how your business contributes to Social Value, including future and current initiatives. 

Our support doesn’t just stop there. It is likely that you have never produced a Carbon Reduction Plan or calculated your emissions before. However, as part of our service, we simplify this process, completing calculations for you using basic information you provide about your company. Our designated Marketing Team will also design a personalised plan consistent with your branding. 

Breaking down Social Value requirements is just one step in our process that has helped over 1,800 businesses get onto Frameworks. We are currently helping businesses bid for Frameworks in the following Pillars: 

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