Cleaning Framework

Cleaning Framework

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Cleaning Framework

About Cleaning Framework

PROCUREMENT BODY – NHS Shared Business Services

Framework Value: £300 million

Framework Duration: 4 years

What is the NHS SBS Cleaning Framework?

This Framework covers the delivery of quality cleaning services to NHS Hospitals, care homes and other healthcare providers.

The Framework sets out NHS SBS’ purpose to lead the NHS in England to deliver high-quality services for all. This must be done by supporting colleagues and leaders to deliver for patients, in what is a challenging context and environment.  

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If you’re considering an application for the Cleaning Framework, we’ve got you covered.

Our expert team boasts a wealth of experience in crafting successful applications. We take immense pride in our role in driving substantial growth, including securing applications and contracts valued at over £120 billion. Trust our team to assist you in securing your place on the Cleaning Framework today.

Cleaning Framework

Thinking of applying to NHS SBS Cleaning Framework?

GovData has two decades of experience supporting British businesses achieve success through Framework agreements. Our founder and CEO Chris Hugo was pivotal in the creation of G-Cloud, the UK’s first and largest Framework.

Since 2006, our team has won access to £120bn for businesses across the United Kingdom. 

Who can buy through the NHS SBS Cleaning Framework? 

Central Government, e.g. Home Office, Ministry of Justice

Local Government, e.g. Your local Council

Education, e.g. Universities, Royal Nursing College, High Schools

Health, e.g. Your local Hospital, Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs)

Criminal Justice, e.g. Greater Manchester Police (CCGs)

Defence, e.g. tri-Forces (Army, Navy, Airforce), MoD

Anomalies, e.g. Coastguard

Lots – NHS SBS Cleaning Framework

Lot 1 – Cleaning Services:

Lot 1.1 – Clinical Healthcare Environment

Lot 1.2 – Non-Clinical Healthcare Environment

Lot 1.3 – Public Sector Corporate Environment

Lot 1.4 – Educational Environment

Lot 2 – Window Cleaning

Lot 3 – Cleaning Products

Lot 3.1 – Consumables

Lot 3.2 – Chemicals

Lot 4 – Cleaning Equipment:

Lot 4.1 – Equipment

Lot 4.2 – Service and Maintenance

Lot 5 – Specialist Cleaning

Lot 6 – Ambulance / Vehicle Deep Cleaning


Still not sure if Cleaning Framework is the right framework for you? Talk to our team of experts today, we’ll help you map the value of the framework to your services and understand the potential for your business.


No time or limited resources to start or grow your opportunities within Government or Public Sector? Our specialist Building and Infrastructure Services Frameworks team have helped hundreds of companies navigate the complex framework submission process. We’re here to help remove the barriers to Public Sector success.

Talk to GovData about getting your business onto the Cleaning Framework today.

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