The GovData Academy is the epicentre for staff learning and professional development.

Each member of the team commits to 8 hours of continued professional development a month as part of the GovData Academy. This is to ensure they are educated on the latest knowledge related to their role, the market and subject matters of further interest.

Other key areas of focus include mentoring, coaching and career planning. Allowing our staff to flourish and be the best they can be. We want to shape career paths around personal and professional achievement. Through the creation of an empowered, educated and connected work culture, we provide a platform giving the best experience for our clients. By staying up to date with the latest training courses, we can achieve this.

The investment in our people is not limited to professional development alone. The welfare of each member of the team is also paramount and we understand how support in this area supplements the well-being of each person. A dedicated Welfare and Wellbeing Officer provides round-the-clock support for the GovData team.

Our future plans include apprenticeship programmes for staff and all activities are based around our GovData 8 TOPS  training principles. We offer blended learning combining e-learning, independent study, group work and tutor-led sessions.

The investment in the GovData Academy is focused on the creation of a workforce that is confident, resilient and committed to our business needs and goals.

We know the value of building a strong team using the latest training courses. It allows our staff to grow and learn the newest techniques we can apply to our work. The aim is to help GovData with continued growth whilst giving our team the opportunity to enhance their skills for a long and successful career.

Are you interested in becoming part of the GovData team? You’ll receive all the benefits we have to offer including our fantastic training academy. See our latest vacancies.

GovData Academy