Whether you are a manufacturer, distributor or reseller, working with GovData can lead to mutually beneficial opportunities:

Full life cycle relationship support to the SME members:

  • Pre-Framework education for your SME members willing to work in the Public Sector
  • GovData facilitate the bid process and Framework success for Members
  • Ongoing free advisory helpline for members
  • Sales surgeries for your members: How to leverage sales through the Framework

GovData’s value to Professional and Trade Associations

  • GovData provides neutral advice and guidance on Public Sector procurement Frameworks and Marketplace and how to win Public Sector business
  • Enhances the Professional and Trade Association’s communication with SMEs
  • Helps the Professional and Trade Association’s reputation and provides Framework education to members
  • GovData proactively introduces new members to the Professional and Trade Association

The Opportunity for SMEs

  • SME Agenda. The Government’s mandate to ensure 33% of revenue is spent on the SME marketplace
  • Easy and compliant route to access over 38,000 public sector buyers allowing them to purchase your services in a matter of minutes
  • Thousands of contract opportunities across government and wider Public Sector
  • Once listed on the Framework it eliminates the need to go through any complex or lengthy tender processes

When listed on a Framework, the SME’s services can be used by any public-sector body in the UK including, but not limited to…

  • 26 Ministerial departments – Cabinet office, Attorney General’s office, Dept. for international trade, Dept. for Digital cultural media and sport, Ministry of justice
  • 20 Non ministerial departments – Charity commission, CPS, Food standards agency, HMRC, National Crime Agency
  • 380 Agencies and other public bodies – The Adjudicators office, Local councils, Cafcass, Civil Justice Council, DVLA
  • 75 high profile groups – Border Force, Counter fraud, digital data and technology professions, DVS, Defence safety authority