GovData’s Halloween Costume Competition

A Spooktacular Time!

GovData got into the spooky spirit this month by competing in yet another Halloween costume competition! Everybody made the effort to get dressed up and there were some amazingly creative ideas, but there could only be one winner- decided by GovData’s CEO and COO, Chris and Kelly Hugo, who called the team to judge the fancy dress contest.

Taking the top spot in the competition was Heather, who spent hours crafting the costume herself! A well-deserved winner indeed.

Salem's Lot

We asked the prestigious champion for a comment on her victory:

“So pleased and grateful I won the Halloween costume competition! This year I didn’t have a clue what to be, and still don’t know what I was… a cross between the Jolly Green Giant, fat fairy Oompa Loompa and a tree!”

To create the amazing crossover costume, she spent hours sewing and sticking,

“I used my pyjama top, ripped a Halloween tablecloth and an old panto costume I used back in the day, and added some wings and plastic leaves. I started sewing a couple of weeks ago after work and hey presto…”

Thank you again for choosing me as the winner! That’s a few gins for the weekend sorted. Happy days, love you all!

Mystery Marketing Inc.

Other costumes included the Marketing department, Business Intelligence Analyst, Matt, and fittingly the Dog Creche Manager, Michaela, as the mystery gang- she kept her eye on Scooby and Scrappy throughout the day, making sure they didn’t get up to any mischief. (If you’d like to see Scooby being attacked by the real GovData dogs, scroll to the bottom of the blog, you won’t regret it.)

The Data Demons!

Three members of the Data team cast a spell on us all, dressed as Dumbledore, Harry, and Malfoy- whilst the rest of the team arrived in unrelated costumes such as a giant lobster, a cowboy, a cool bumble bee, and various spooky characters.

Delivery from evil

The Delivery and HR departments put the horror into the competition with some terrifying costumes, including a plague doctor, in charge of checking everyone for Covid; thankfully there were no buboes in sight.

We can’t wait to celebrate Halloween again and see what imaginative costumes everyone conjures up next time!