Hear From Our Clients

Feedback from our clients is invaluable to us at GovData. We’re excited to share the various thoughts and views of those who have worked closely with us as we look to further their journey into the Public Sector. 

Through these insights, you can learn why the work we do sets us apart in the intricate world of Public Sector procurement. 

Expert Advice and Support

GovData are a team of Public Sector experts with the knowledge to break down bid requirements and know what is needed to achieve 100% quality scoring. This expertise is invaluable to those who have little experience in the Public Sector. 

“The GovData team were always responsive in answering our questions and provided thorough guidance on what was needed, alongside the changes required to enhance our documents to get the most benefit from our submission.”

Simon Gurner, Sunrise Technologies

Timely and Professional Communication

All customers are assigned a Client Relationship Manager as a dedicated point of contact throughout the submission, from the point of onboarding. These team members are responsible for all communication between you and GovData. Our communication has been praised as being ‘unwavering, consistent and professional’, and clients appreciate our timely responses to all questions, no matter how big or small, to ensure the process continues without disruption. 

The GovData Difference

One of the most common pieces of feedback we receive is in regard to the difference our team of experts make to businesses who have no experience with bids and have fewer resources to effectively manage and review successful Framework submissions. 

“Definitely a huge help in what is a potential minefield – we would have been way out of our comfort zone in trying to do this ourselves, so your help, guidance and support is highly recommended to anyone looking to break into the public sector.”

Richard Collett, PSR Solutions

This level of support has a knock-on effect for entire business operations, ensuring ‘little impact to team members’ productivity’, whereas to manage an entire submission would require valuable time and resources.

“The service and support from GovData throughout the process has been outstanding. They have helped us successfully navigate a complex and difficult process without interrupting business operations.”

Debra Cairns, Net Defence Ltd

Driving Business Growth

By ensuring little disruption to your business and helping you access billions in Government contracts, you can tap into the vast potential of the Public Sector to contribute towards business growth in many forms. 

“It is fair to say that without GovData’s assistance, the organisation would not be in the position we now are with pending accreditation to bid for major contracts.”

Michael Lee, DMG Management

You can read our full client testimonials here.

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