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The Information Technology Pillar gives your business the opportunity to lead the way in UK Tech and contribute towards the growth of the sector. 

Read more to find out the figures behind the growth of IT spending in the Public Sector and the opportunities available to your business that can allow you to work with organisations such as the NHS and local councils. 

The Stats

In 2023, it was reported that public spending on Information Technology had at least doubled over the last five years. Not only this, but the share of spending on IT increased from 5% to 10% of total spending over that period.


According to procurement research organisation Tussell, “There has never been a better time for IT companies to focus on the Public Sector.” 

In particular, IT Frameworks are being used as key aspects of the NHS Long Term Plan, which sets out aims to revolutionise the healthcare system and continue to provide world-class care for the long term. This Plan will increase the range of digital health tools and services, with greater investment in developing new IT systems and technology for the NHS.

GovData are experts in working with UK tech companies. Our CEO, Chris Hugo, played a vital role in the creation of G-Cloud; the UK’s biggest IT Framework. We are currently working on IT Frameworks that have a combined spend value of over £20 billion. 

Digital Workplace Solutions 2: 

A £1.5 billion Framework that provides a compliant route to market for the procurement of full end-to-end IT solutions and individual elements of IT solutions. 

  • • COTS Software Licensing 
  • • Bespoke Software Development 
  • • Infrastructure Equipment Supply 
  • • Infrastructure Support and Maintenance 
  • • Infrastructure Management Services – Equipment 
  • • Infrastructure Management Services – Software 
  • • Communication (Voice & Data) Services – Fixed 
  • • Communication (Voice & Data) Services – Mobile 

Tech Devices – Link 4:

A £1.5 billion Framework that forms a vital part of the NHS’ long-term plan to radically transform the state of technology within the health service. 

  • • Tech Devices, Peripherals and Associated Services
  • • Specialist Healthcare Related IT Hardware 
  • • Printing and Scanning Devices
  • • Refurbished / Remanufactured Devices 

Back Office Software 2: 

A £9 billion Framework for the provision of Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions for back office applications, for deploying either in the cloud, on premise or hybrid. 

  • • Under £5m Per Annum (Bronze) – Software Solutions / Ancillary Solutions 
  • • Over £5m Per Annum (Gold) – Enterprise Software / Commercial Off the Shelf Enterprise Software

Open Banking:  

An £800 million Framework providing alternative methods of receiving and/or paying money to the Public Sector, as opposed to traditional bank systems. 

  • • Digital Payments 
  • • Account Information 
  • • Confirmation of Payee (CoP) 

All-Wales IT Products and Services Agreement III: 

A £200 million Framework for the provision of a variety of ICT services across Wales. 

  • • Hardware 
  • • Licenses and Subscription 
  • • Audio Visual Products & Services 
  • • Circular Economy & Recycled Items

Technology Services 4: 

A £12 billion Framework for the provision of technology services, ranging from strategy and design to operational development. 

  • • Technology Strategy and Service Design
  • • Transition and Transformation
  • • Operational Services 
  • • Major Services Transformation Programmes

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