£3.5bn pledged to UK tech as Artificial Intelligence use soars

The UK Government has unveiled plans to make the country a technology and artificial intelligence powerhouse on the global stage.

In 2023’s Budget, the Chancellor announced that £3.5 billion of public funding would be pledged to the tech industry. Of this funding, around £1 billion will be pledged to developing the next generation of supercomputing and artificial intelligence.

This opens up huge opportunities for British businesses who specialise in technology and artificial intelligence.

During 2022, the UK’s tech sector was the largest and fastest-growing in Europe- rising by £24 billion. This is higher than France (£11.8 billion) and Germany (£9.1 billion).

The Public Sector tech industry also recorded significant growth for the 2022 financial year, with an estimated spend value of over £20 billion.

Artificial intelligence has never been more in the public eye, with applications like Chat GPT making AI more accessible for the general public over the past six months.

In the wake of this, the artificial intelligence industry is predicted to grow more than twenty-fold by 2030, as AI continues to become more advanced and transform how we live our lives.

Artificial Intelligence

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