Be the Future of Vehicle Charging Infrastructure

With 17% of sales last year, electric vehicles have surpassed the sale of new diesel cars for the first time ever. Consequently, vehicle charging infrastructure is now in high demand.

Electric is now considered as more exciting than your standard petrol and diesel cars due to the increase in speed and manipulation of features to positively impact the car’s performance. Not to mention that you can control not only the car, but the charging station too, through a simple smartphone app.

A number of manufacturers are now promising to be all-electric by as soon as 2025. There are multiple indicators that electric cars will soon be the new normal.

The Benefits


It’s proven that electric cars are 3 times cheaper to run than petrol or diesel. The newly established Electric Car Scheme (on a similar basis to the Cycle to Work Scheme) gives employees a 30-60% saving on electric cars.

In addition to this, petrol and diesel prices continue to reach record highs. The number of petrol stations is decreasing while the amount of charging stations is increasing.

Last year, British companies installed a record number of public electric charging stations, but that still isn’t meeting demand.

According to EDF Energy, there are currently over 42,000 charging stations in the UK. Under Boris Johnson’s Government, they demanded 300,000 charging stations by 2030. This desire seems out of reach at this point in time, but with a growing number of reputable companies taking control of the vehicle charging sector, an increase in productivity will bridge that gap.

From January 2021 to January 2022, states that the number of public charging devices has increased by 37%. With the number of rapid charging devices increasing by 33%.

Get Involved in the Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Sector


The Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Solutions Framework is the most innovative for its sector. GovData are looking to work with a number of relevant companies in order to fulfil the demand for electric charging stations.

For more details you can view our dedicated Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Solutions Framework page here. If you think your company is applicable to this framework, get in touch today to register your interest: [email protected]