Helping Warrington Charities This Christmas

At GovData we’re always looking for the next charitable cause to support. This year, we’re helping Warrington charities; assisting the homelessness crisis by putting together a number of Winter Survival Kits. We’re also providing children in care with Christmas treats to make the holiday a little bit easier for them.

Helping Warrington’s Children in Care

In the true spirit of Christmas, GovData have donated 160 Advent Calendars and 160 Selection Boxes to Warrington’s children in care.

At any one time, there are approximately 300-400 children in care in Warrington, and Christmas can be an especially challenging time for them. We’ve worked alongside Warrington Borough Council to provide the children with a bit of Christmas cheer during the festive season, and we hope to continue to support them further in the future.

Winter Survival Kits for the Homeless

Another way GovData have supported the community is through creating Winter Survival Kits for the homeless in Warrington.

The kits consist of:

Hat, scarf, and gloves sets
2x thermal underwear
3x boxers/knickers
Waterproof coat
Waterproof trousers
Sleeping bag
3x socks
Rucksack for all to be stored in

A team of us worked together to assemble the winter survival kits before dropping them off at the base of local charities ‘Room at the Inn’ and ‘The ‘Y’ Project’ (launched after the closure of the YMCA), where they’ll be distributed to people in need. The charity provides daytime services to homeless and vulnerable people and also include a 10-bedded night shelter for anyone who needs those services.

The number of homeless people in Warrington is comparatively low considering the rest of Greater Manchester but has slowly been increasing since 2017.

In 2020, Warrington Borough Council created a homelessness strategy where they work alongside a number of associations and charities in order to support people who may be sleeping rough or are struggling with their home life. Hopefully, with ongoing support from the community, homelessness will no longer be a problem for people living in Warrington.

The charity was kind enough to gift us with a certificate of recognition; a representative of Room at the Inn said: “The survival bags are amazing, everybody that’s come to the walk-in has loved them! They’ve made such a massive difference, especially the thermals and the new set of underwear. The rucksacks themselves have been so helpful as well, it’s been like Christmas day for people to receive something so amazing. We can’t thank you enough.

Visit Room at the Inn’s website here to see how you can help.

If you’d like to read about other charities we’ve assisted, view our insights page here.