What is a Framework and a DPS?

Framework and a DPS

What is a framework?

To access major Government contracts, you must first win framework awards to demonstrate your company is capable of delivering the requirements of the contract terms. The frameworks provide buyers, such as local councils, the NHS or other Government departments with a list of pre-approved suppliers who are capable of delivering the product or service.

The total number of suppliers can differ depending on the framework being offered. Some frameworks only require one supplier, whereas others can be open to thousands of potential bidders.

Frameworks can include Goods (Office equipment), Services (design consultancy) and Works (Construction of local gyms/schools etc). The scope of available provisions to Government departments gives UK businesses, large or small, an unmissable opportunity to grow their business by supplying the Public Sector.

Framework and a DPS

The Lot structure of a framework

By dividing a framework into ‘Lots’, businesses can understand the full breakdown of exactly what services the framework is looking for. For example, Lot 1 of the Construction Professional Services Framework is called Built Environment & General Infrastructure. A further insight into the Lot shows the framework as perfect for companies who provide engineering services, electrical services and many more. At GovData, we identify which Lot your business is eligible for and how your business can supply a particular framework.

Framework and a DPS

What is a DPS?

A Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) varies from a framework because suppliers for a DPS can join throughout its lifetime. A DPS also requires buyers to sign themselves up to the agreement, as well as the suppliers.

Once on a DPS, suppliers can request a full list of the registered buyers (Public Sector organisations) on the agreement. By doing this, suppliers can target their marketing and networking towards organisations they know have an interest in the services procured through the DPS.

Is a Framework or DPS Best For My Business?

Why Would a Framework Be Best For My Company?

Consistent Opportunities – Being on a framework provides your company with the potential for consistent revenue. Depending on the length of the framework, this can last for up to 4 years or more.

Higher Value – Compared to a DPS, you can receive a better return on investment with higher value frameworks. Although it takes more time and dedication to get on a framework, the rewards can be fantastic for your business.

Develop Relationships – You can grow a long-term relationship with buyers and it will help you build a CRM of reliable customers for your company.

Why Use a DPS Instead?

Faster process – Companies can be awarded a place on the agreement in a matter of weeks. For those needing to be on any type of Government agreement to win contracts with Public Sector organisations quickly, this can be achieved by being appointed onto a DPS. It can take months for the submission and evaluation of a Framework Agreement, in which time potential buyers could move on.

Continuous Access – Suppliers can join the agreement at any time throughout its duration, ensuring time is spent on policy compliance and you don’t feel rushed.

No heavy requirements/more suitable to SMEs – Whilst there are policy, insurance and certification requirements, businesses aren’t required to write extensive quality questions that take time and resources to finalise.

Access to Buyers List – As mentioned above, suppliers can request a full list of the buyers that are signed up on the DPS. This means that marketing collateral can be focused on those they know are already interested in their services.

Are you interested in getting onto a Government framework or DPS? Get in touch and we can discuss your options.

The GovData Difference

GovData offer exceptional guidance on bidding for Public Sector business, with a track record of fantastic results. We have assisted businesses to win over £37 billion in contracts across the Public Sector during the past 20 years and been successful with over 1,000 submissions completed in the last 3 years alone for a variety of Central Procurement Government frameworks.

If you’re interested in how your business can thrive with the help of a Government framework, or want to know the benefits of Public Sector procurement for your business, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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