The Pledge to Sustainable Technology in Wales

The Pledge to Sustainable Technology in Wales

The All-Wales IT Products and Services III Framework is an innovative opportunity for businesses in the IT sector that can deliver a wide range of services. Although this is procured through the Welsh Government, it is not a requirement for you to be based in Wales to become a supplier on this Framework, only that you can operate there. 

With a value of £200m, if you provide IT services such as hardware, licenses, subscription, audio visual products / services and circular economy and recycled items, you won’t want your business to miss out. Read further to find out more about the opportunity and the work GovData does to make accessing Frameworks such as this one simple. 

The Tech Landscape in Wales 

The technology sector in Wales is a rapidly growing landscape supported by significant investments in infrastructure and education. A recent report found that the tech sector in Wales contributes approximately £8.5 billion to the economy annually. Additionally, the number of tech enterprises in Wales has grown by 20% over the past five years. These figures demonstrate the sector’s robust expansion and potential for future growth. 

This Framework aims to help transform digital learning and teaching in Wales by providing schools and colleges access to a range of bilingual digital infrastructure, tools and resources, including an All-Wales Microsoft Education licensing agreement. This is in line with the Digital 2030 Framework for post-16 learning providers to follow to equip learners and staff with vital digital capabilities. The shift to digital learning accelerated during the pandemic to facilitate remote learning, and 64% of schools in the UK are now embedding technology in everyday teaching. 

Since 2019, over £30 million has been invested in digital learning in Wales. This investment in digital learning is crucial to achieving sustainability goals. Online learning reportedly reduces energy consumption by 90% compared to traditional classroom learning. This focus on sustainability is outlined by the Wellbeing of Future Generation (Wales) Act 2015. 

The Wellbeing of Future Generation (Wales) Act 2015 

This Framework aims to achieve the goals outlined in the Wellbeing of Future Generation (Wales) Act 2015, while also achieving the very best value for money. The Act aims for sustainable development and compels public bodies to enhance the social, economic, environmental, and cultural wellbeing of Wales through their practices. It has 7 distinct goals: 

• A Prosperous Wales: Fostering economic growth and prosperity while ensuring social equity and environmental sustainability. 

• A Resilient Wales: Building resilience to challenges such as climate change, economic shifts, and health crises. 

• A Healthier Wales: Prioritising public health, well-being, and access to healthcare services. 

• A More Equal Wales: Promoting social justice, reducing inequalities, and ensuring fairness for all. 

• A Wales of Cohesive Communities: Strengthening community bonds, social connections, and inclusivity. 

• A Wales of Vibrant Culture and Thriving Welsh Language: Celebrating cultural heritage and linguistic diversity. 

• A Globally Responsible Wales: Encouraging responsible global citizenship, environmental stewardship, and sustainable practices. 

Social Value is a requirement for all public bodies to consider when deciding what to buy. You can read our dedicated blog on the intricacies of Social Value in bid submissions and the expertise GovData has in ensuring all Social Value requirements are met. 

The Opportunity

The third iteration of this Framework varies from its previous counterpart by condensing from five lots to four: 

  1. Hardware 

  2. Licenses and Subscriptions 

  3. Audio Visual Products and Services 

  4. Circular Economy and Recycled Items 

The commitment to sustainability and efficiency is demonstrated by the dedicated Lot to Circular Economy and Recycled Items – a brand-new addition to the latest iteration. 

The Prior Information Notice (PIN) states “Welsh Government commercial delivery would like to explore the possibility of a ‘Circular Economy and Recycled Items’ lot for commodity items to be fully cleansed and resold to the public sector with a full record of where the item originated from and was resold to.” 

A circular economy reduces waste and pollution through promoting device repair and reuse. Turning to this way of operating opens the doors for innovation, boosts economic growth and creates new job opportunities in repair, refurbishment and recycling. 

How Can GovData Help? 

GovData are Public Sector experts with over 3 decades of experience in supporting businesses getting onto Frameworks. Gross spending on Public Sector procurement across the UK in 2022/23 was £393 billion – up £25 billion (7%) compared to the previous year. With £200 million in contracts expected to be awarded through this Framework, you don’t want to miss out! 

Our team break down Framework requirements, including certifications, accreditations and Social Value, to ensure that our clients are successful when bidding. Following Framework Award, our team can aid with live deal submissions, market analysis and competitor analysis. 

As well as this opportunity, we are currently working on several more Frameworks in the Information Technology Pillar, such as Digital Workplace Solutions 2 and Digital Workplace Solutions: Hardware. 

Book a free consultation with one of our experts today. You can also get in touch on 01925 257900 or 

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