Cyber Security Services 3

Cyber Security Services 3 Procurement Framework

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About Cyber Security Services 3 Procurement Framework

PROCUREMENT BODY – Crown Commercial Service

Framework Value: £153 million

Framework Duration: 5 years

What is Cyber Security Services 3? 

Crown Commercial Services term Cyber Security Services 3 or CSS3 – “A flexible commercial agreement that offers an extensive range of cyber security services to help improve cyber resilience.” For many cyber security vendors and professional service providers Cyber Security Services 3 is a major opportunity to supply the Public Sector.

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Framework Scope – Cyber Security Services 3

As the technology and innovation sector grew, the Government, in 2016, launched the National Cyber Security Strategy. This was in order to hone these growths in the industry, specifically tailoring it to protect UK Government and businesses to prevent cyber-attacks. The Government planned to invest £1.9 billion into the strategy, with the aim of “defend, deter, and develop.”

Consequently, the first Cyber Security Services framework was created which granted Public Sector bodies access to Cyber Security Consultancy Services. The next year, Cyber Security Services 2 was launched, which provided Public Sector bodies with certified Cyber Consultancy, Penetration Testing, Cyber Incidents (CIR), and Tailored Evaluation (CTAS).

Therefore, Cyber Security Services 3 acts as a continuation of these frameworks in order to enhance the Cyber Essentials Scheme and fall in line with the National Cyber Security Strategy.

Framework Services and Lots – Cyber Security Services 3

Consultancy and Advice
Risk assessment and management, audit and reviews, security architecture, certification, training, policy, security specialists, supply chain analysis, cyber transformation, security strategy.

Penetration Testing
Including the NSCS assured service CHECK and IT health check.

Incident Management
Including cyber incident response, disaster recovery, threat intelligence and business continuity disaster recovery (BCDR).

Data Destruction and IT Sanitisation
The process of removing data so it cannot be accessed.

Managed Security Services
Including crest accredited Security Operations Centre (SOC) and managed detection and response.

Understanding Cyber Security Services 3

Understand if Cyber Security Services 3 is right for your business, who can buy through this DPS and suppliers already registered

Who is the Cyber Security Services 3 framework for?

This framework is for businesses looking to provide cyber security services to the UK Government and Public Sector organisations looking to improve their cyber resilience, whilst growing their business within the Public Sector.

  • Penetration Testing Provider
  • Firewall Provider
  • Incident Management Provider
  • Data Destruction Provider
  • Threat Management Provider
  • Cyber Security Consultancy
  • System Auditing Providers
  • Business Continuity Service Providers
  • Sub-Pillar – Cyber-Security
Cyber Security Services 3 framework

Who can buy through the Cyber Security Services 3 Framework DPS?

  • Central Government, e.g. Home Office, Ministry of Justice
  • Local Government, e.g. Your local Council
  • Education, e.g. Universities, Royal Nursing College, High Schools
  • Health, e.g. Your local Hospital, Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs)
  • Criminal Justice, e.g. Greater Manchester Metropolitan Policing
  • Defence, e.g. tri-Forces (Army, Navy, Airforce), MoD
  • Anomalies, e.g. Coastguard

Cyber Security Services 3 – Current Suppliers

  • 2-Sec Limited
  • 2t Security Ltd
  • 4secure Limited
  • 6 Point 6 Limited
  • Accenture (Uk) Limited
  • Actica Consulting Limited
  • Adarma Limited
  • Advent Im Limited
  • Airbus Defence And Space Limited
  • Ait Partnership Group Limited
  • Ajay Nehra Computer Services Limited
  • Amethyst Risk Management Limited
  • Amr Cybersecurity Ltd
  • Arcanum Information Security Limited
  • Arcturus Security Limited
  • Arculus Limited
  • Aristi Limited
  • Armadillo Sec Ltd
  • Aryaa Associates Ltd
  • Atkins Limited
  • Atos It Services Uk Limited
  • Auriga Consulting Ltd
  • Bae Systems Applied Intelligence Limited
  • Baringa Partners Llp
  • Becrypt Limited
  • Better Network Solutions Limited
  • Bip Solutions Limited
  • Blackberry Uk Limited
  • Blackmore Computers Limited
  • Blockphish Ltd.
  • Bmt Defence And Security Uk Limited
  • Boeing Defence Uk Limited
  • Boxxe Limited
  • Bramble Hub Limited
  • Bramfitt Technology Labs Limited
  • Bridewell Consulting Limited
  • Brookcourt Solutions Limited
  • Bsi Professional Services (Uk) Limited
  • Bugcrowd Inc.
  • C2 Cyber Ltd
  • C3ia Solutions Limited
  • Cadmidium Services Limited
  • Capgemini Uk Plc
  • Capula Limited
  • Caretower Ltd
  • Ccl (Solutions) Group Ltd
  • Cds Support Limited
  • Centerprise International Limited
  • Certes Computing Limited
  • Cgi It Uk Limited
  • Cjnm Consulting Associates Limited
  • Cloud 21 Limited
  • Coda Security Limited
  • Commissum Associates Limited
  • Complete It Systems Limited
  • Computing Technology Industry Association, Inc., The (Comptia)
  • Convergent Network Solutions Limited
  • Crossword Cybersecurity Plc
  • Cyber Chain Alliance Ltd
  • Cyber Execs Ltd
  • Cyber Smart Consulting Ltd
  • Cyberguard Technologies Limited
  • Cyberis Limited
  • Cybertec Group Limited
  • Cyjax Limited
  • Cysiam Limited
  • Daintta Ltd
  • Deloitte Llp
  • Digitalxraid Ltd
  • Dionach Ltd
  • Disklabs Limited
  • E Recycling Limited
  • Ecsc Group Plc
  • Ehj & Sj Consultancy Limited
  • Entserv Uk Limited
  • Eol It Services Ltd
  • Equal Experts Uk Limited
  • European Electronique Limited
  • Evolve Secure Solutions Ltd
  • Experis Limited
  • Exponential-E Limited
  • F-Secure Cyber Security Limited
  • Fidus Information Security Limited
  • Firebrand Training Limited
  • Firstco Limited
  • Fordway Solutions Limited
  • Fujitsu Services Limited
  • Future Matrix Consulting Ltd
  • Gemserv Limited
  • Grove Information Systems Limited
  • Guidehouse Europe Limited
  • Hackerone Inc.
  • Hex Security Limited
  • Hexegic Limited
  • I-Confidential Limited
  • I.T. Professional Services Limited
  • Ibm United Kingdom Limited
  • Infinite Convergence Solutions Inc.
  • Intaforensics Ltd
  • Inzpire Limited
  • Ironbridge Advisory Services Llp
  • It Guarded Limited
  • Itc Global Security Limited
  • Ithq Ltd
  • Itsus Consulting Ltd
  • Jacobs U.K. Limited
  • James Harvard Limited
  • Jisc Services Limited
  • Jovasi Technology Limited
  • Jumpsec Limited
  • Kinetic Six Limited
  • Kosi Corporation Limited
  • Kpmg Llp
  • Krawczyk Industries Limited
  • Krycorp Security Limited
  • Kryptokloud Limited
  • Kyndryl Uk Limited
  • Layer 7 Limited
  • Leonardo Uk Ltd
  • Livtech Solutions Limited
  • Lucid Support Services Limited
  • Matobo Limited
  • Mccormickco Limited
  • Meta Mission Data Limited
  • Methods Business And Digital Technology Limited
  • Metroid 2247 Ltd
  • Modsec Ltd
  • Modux Limited
  • Mti Technology Limited
  • N T A Monitor Limited
  • Nanjgel Solutions Ltd
  • Ncc Group Security Services Limited
  • Net Consulting Ltd
  • Nettitude Ltd
  • Network 2 Supplies Limited
  • Newman & Spurr Consultancy Limited
  • Nexor Limited
  • Nine23 Ltd
  • Oaklin Consulting Llp
  • Olm Systems Limited
  • Pa Consulting Services Limited
  • Parico Limited
  • Pen Test Partners Llp
  • Pentesec Limited
  • Pentest People Limited
  • People Source Consulting Limited
  • Phoenix Datacom Limited
  • Pointwire Limited
  • Pricewaterhousecoopers Llp
  • Prism Infosec Ltd
  • Privacy And Information Compliance Solutions Limited
  • Purely Digital Services Limited
  • Qa Limited
  • Qinetiq Limited
  • Quo Imus Limited
  • Quorum Cyber Security Limited
  • Raytheon Systems Limited
  • Rds Global Limited
  • Red Scientific Limited
  • Redrock Consulting Limited
  • Reliance Acsn Limited
  • Risual Limited
  • Roke Manor Research Limited
  • Sa Group Ltd
  • Salus Digital Security Limited
  • Samurai Digital Security Limited
  • Sans Emea
  • Sapphire Technologies Limited
  • Secrutiny Limited
  • Secure Cyber Solutions Limited
  • Sep2 Limited
  • Serverchoice Ltd
  • Socura Limited
  • Sopra Steria Limited
  • Sovereign Secure Limited
  • St. Vincent’s Health And Public Sector Consulting Limited
  • Stratia Consulting Ltd
  • Surecloud Limited
  • Telkeda Limited
  • Templar Executives Ltd
  • Thales Uk Limited
  • The Iasme Consortium Limited
  • The Institution Of Engineering And Technology
  • Thetechforce Ltd
  • Tier 1 Asset Management Limited
  • Torchlightgroup Limited
  • Ucl Consultants Limited
  • Vertical Structure Ltd
  • Via Resource Ltd
  • Waterstons Limited
  • Wavestone Advisors Uk Limited
  • Wolfberry Cyber Limited


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