Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Solutions VCIS

Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Solutions (VCIS)

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About Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Solutions Framework

PROCUREMENT BODY – Crown Commercial Service

Framework Value: £450 million

Framework Duration: 4 years

What is Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Solutions? 

This Solutions Framework was created as a means of helping the Government implement a ‘Green Industrial Revolution’. One major aspect of the Government’s ten point plan is accelerating the shift towards zero-emission vehicles.

This procurement’s aim is to make owning an electric car just as easy as a petrol or diesel car. This in turn is likely to have the outcome of increasing the uptake of electric vehicles in the UK, thereby decreasing emissions, and bringing the Government closer to its target of reaching net zero emissions by the year 2050

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Helping you secure access to Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Solutions

Thinking about applying for Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Solutions? We can help – our expert team have extensive experience in successful framework applications. We’re incredibly proud of the growth we deliver across frameworks. A huge part of that prosperity has been securing successful framework applications and contracts worth over £37 billion. Our team are here to help you secure your place on Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Solutions today.

Framework Scope

The DPS is to be utilised by Central Government Departments and all other UK Public Sector Bodies, including but not limited to:
Local Authorities
Fire and Rescue
Not for Profit
Devolved Administrations

In early 2020, three fifths of Private Sector workers were employed by SME businesses, yet SME businesses only make up approximately half of the Private Sector turnover. This DPS’ focus on lower value contracts will allow SME businesses to compete with Large businesses. Geographically, in proportion to how many Private Sector businesses they have (in order), Northern Ireland, Scotland, East Midlands, and North West have the most SME businesses. Therefore, if SME businesses can take a disproportionate advantage from this DPS, those are the regions that would disproportionately benefit.

Framework Lots – Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Solutions

Installation location – England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales and UK

Consultancy and feasibility – professional advice and services to help you understand what you need and funding options

Groundworks, for example: civil engineering and construction – to help you design, construct and deliver, including facilitation of DNO connection

Hardware and accessories – for supply and installation including payment solutions, along with training, maintenance and decommissioning

Servicing and maintenance – professional advice and services to help you understand what you need and funding options

Software and back office solutions –enhancing your infrastructure management through the use of data and intelligent analysis

End to end service – for a fully managed solution

Installation and decommissioning services

Understanding Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Solutions Framework

Understand if Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Solutions is right for your business, who can buy through this framework and suppliers already registered

Who is the Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Solutions for?

This framework has been tailored specifically for businesses who are able to fulfil any of the above service categories. Companies who aid in engineering, installation, fitting and maintaining these vehicle charging points are amongst those who will be eligible to access this framework. Our Framework Specialists can help identify whether your business can qualify for this framework, so speak with our team to find out more.

Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Solutions
Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Solutions

Who can buy through the Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Solutions Framework?

Central Government Departments, e.g. Home Office, Ministry of Justice

Local Government, e.g. Your local Council

Education, e.g. Universities, Royal Nursing College, High Schools

Health, e.g. Your local Hospital, Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs)

Police, e.g. Greater Manchester Metropolitan Policing

Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Solutions Framework – Current Suppliers

    AFF Holdings Limited
    Amey OW Limited
    BMM Energy Solutions Ltd
    Brite Technical Services Ltd
    British Gas New Heating Ltd
  • Capita Property and Infrastructure Ltd
  • Carbonbit Ltd
  • Cenex
  • Centrica Business Solutions International Ltd

Chargemaster Ltd
Compleo Charging Solutions UK Ltd
Connected Kerb Ltd
EB Charging Ltd
EDF Energy Customers Ltd
Edmundson Electrical Ltd
Elmtronics Ltd
Energyforce Ltd
Equans Services Ltd
Feed IT Green LtdEnergyforce Ltd
F M Conway Ltd
Ground Control Ltd
IBI Group (UK) Ltd

James M Anderson Ltd
Joju Ltd
Marston (Holdings) Ltd
Morrison Water Services Ltd
Osprey Charging Network Ltd
Phoenix Works Ltd
Powercare Electrical Services Ltd
SMS Energy Services Ltd
Steer Davies & Gleave Ltd
SMS Energy Services Ltd
Steer Davies & Gleave Ltd

The Energy Saving Trust Ltd
The Miles Consultancy Ltd
T.H. White, Installation, Ltd
TOR Management Services Ltd
Urban Electric Networks Ltd
Utilyx Limited
Volkerhighways Ltd
Zero Carbon Futures (UK) Ltd
ZPN Energy Ltd



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