Network Services 3 Pre-Market Engagement Webinar

Crown Commercial Services - Network Services 3 Webinar Event

Network Services 3 Pre-Market Engagement Webinar

Online – Thursday 16th June 2022

The Crown Commercial Service (CCS) has announced an upcoming webinar taking place on Thursday 16th June. The event, hosted jointly with Innopsis, presents an update on the Network Services 3 (NS3) pre-market engagement. At GovData, we know that early access to exceptional opportunities is the way forward and can help you shape your business’ growth.

In addition to providing updates regarding proposals received thus far, the CCS has made it known that they feel the following areas of innovation and capabilities require further input and development. This is a key opportunity to get involved with the public sector procurement process and will help you get ahead when accessing framework agreements.

Crown Commercial Services - Network Services 3 Webinar Event

Innovation Areas of Focus

IoT and Smart Cities

The Internet of Things (IoT) service providers help businesses to adopt IoT methodology in their applications across multiple key vertical industries such as healthcare, manufacturing and transportation.  Driven by significant growth in commercial usage, IoT is still a high growth arena.

Communication Platforms as a Service

Communication software, unified communications and collaborative tools (solution) providers. These companies can provide all the “overlay” on top of your core network infrastructure that enables you to share data, video and voice conferencing.

Furthermore, of particular interest are the following IoT and Smart Cities applications which are likely to attract significant public sector investment:

  • Waste Management:  Real-time monitoring to improve the efficiency of waste collection, reducing the amount of litter and encouraging recycling.
  • Water Management:  Detect and report leaks immediately. Monitoring the water network means that water can be distributed across a network as needed to prevent shortages. AI and predictive technology are applied to watershed management to predict flooding.
  • Crime Prevention and Security:  Predictive policing, crime mapping, gunshot detection, intelligent surveillance, emergency response optimisation, body-worn cameras, crowd management and home security systems. With such features, incidents of assault, burglary, and robbery could be reduced by 30% to 40%.
  • Education Video interaction devices, e-whiteboards, virtual reality and augmented reality to deliver remote interactive lectures
  • Environment (Air and Noise Pollution) Monitoring: sensors can detect compliance with pollution limits, particularly in Clean Air Zones.
Crown Commercial Services - Network Services 3 - Smart Cities IoT

How to register

The NS3 pre-market engagement event is free of charge and open to all – you do not need to become a paid Innopsis member to participate in the pre-market engagement event. To attend the event, please register your details.

This is a great chance for you to engage with businesses within the public sector and create new growth opportunities.  Register your interest in this event today over on the Crown Commercial Service website

If you’re looking at getting onto a framework agreement like Network Services 3, GovData can help. We understand the entire public sector procurement process from start to end and can help create growth for your forward-thinking business.

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