What Types Of Public Sector Framework Are Available?

Public Sector Frameworks
Public Sector Frameworks

What is a Public Sector framework?

Fundamentally, a framework is a selection of suppliers that buyers can choose from. As an agreement created by Government teams, the framework ensures the supply and distribution of goods and services in that sector from pre-approved suppliers. Once a business or supplier has been provided approved status for that framework, they’re able to operate within the framework over its complete lifespan. The length of the framework varies depending on the authority and once the approved suppliers have been selected, no new businesses are able to join the framework.

The Public Sector frequently uses frameworks as it can reduce the cost of procurement, ensure the best value is achieved and avoids the potential for lengthy contracts. It’s particularly useful for buyers that need to procure technology. The tech sector is typically saturated with suppliers and buyers may not have the technical knowledge to find what is right for them. Frameworks ensure that suppliers answer questions honestly and provide technical specifications to join, which ensures a certain benchmark of quality.

Is joining a framework worth it?

As the amount of money invested in the Public Sector continues to grow, it’s hit record-breaking highs of £357 billion, a rise of 17% on the year prior. Even now, only 4% of that spend represents big businesses you might expect. This alone highlights how a framework can provide next-level growth opportunities for SMEs and the sheer scale of these Government contracts.

At GovData, we’ve played a huge part in establishing the SME agenda first outlined in 2018. Within this agenda, all Public Sector companies are legally obliged to spend 33% of the budget solely with SMEs. This figure rises to 50% for technology frameworks. For SMEs, it’s exciting to see that the Government has so much confidence in small businesses delivering value back into the economy.

For small businesses, joining a framework can take around 10 weeks, a major commitment of time and resources. Most of this is dedicated to ensuring the application – and the business itself – demonstrates a level of compliance. Despite this being a relatively long process, the rewards are essentially limitless and provide a foundation for growth that may not be viable without the assistance.

This is where GovData can help a business succeed, supporting the application process whilst ensuring businesses have what they need to deliver a winning bid.

What frameworks do GovData work with?

The Government frameworks a supplier can join are extensive, covering a range of industries and sectors. Here at GovData, we’re able to assist with SMEs that want to join one of four key frameworks – People, Information Technology, Buildings & Infrastructure and Professional Services. If you have questions about other frameworks, we’re able to provide guidance on building your route to market and the procurement requirements along the way.

What are the ‘People’ frameworks?

Within the People frameworks we assist with ‘Learning and Training Services’. Typically this framework delivers educational skills to get people back into work, whether that’s through further training in current skills or the chance to retrain for a new role entirely. This framework is almost entirely focused on the learning and developmental needs of the Public Sector and includes multiple service categories including:

  • Coaching services
  • Safety education
  • E-Learning opportunities
  • Specialist training
  • Environment training
  • Health and first-aid training
  • Personal development

What are the ‘Information Technology’ frameworks?

Our Information Technology frameworks encompass the software, security, consultancy and telecommunications needs of the Public Sector as well as their associated bodies. From security architecture and risk assessment through to inter-site connectivity and software solutions for public bodies, these frameworks will appeal to digital businesses looking for Public Sector contracts. Some of the associated service categories for these frameworks include:

  • Cyber consultancy
  • Risk management
  • Security architecture
  • Penetration testing
  • Inter site connectivity
  • Intra site connectivity
  • Software licences
  • Hardware solutions
  • Blue Light solutions
  • Digital business applications

What are the ‘Buildings & Infrastructure’ frameworks?

The Buildings & Infrastructure frameworks aim to support Government policies such as the National Infrastructure Strategy and National Health Infrastructure Plan as well as minor works or maintenance requirements. They utilise construction experts at different delivery stages (from planning to completion) for a range of major and minor construction projects as well as civil engineering. The related service categories for these frameworks include:

  • Environmental engineering
  • Public health engineering
  • Civil and structural engineering
  • Energy and utility services
  • Building services
  • Fire protection
  • Drainage
  • Roofing
  • Road maintenance
  • Electrical installation and maintenance

What are the ‘Professional Services’ frameworks?

The Professional Services framework connects Public Sector bodies with innovative and quality creative communications services. This is growing in importance as a way of fostering effective communications between relevant parties, as well as the ongoing challenges of the growing ‘infodemic’ – patterns of false information on global topics spreading on social media. As a result, the service categories of this framework include:

  • Creative
  • Public relations (PR)
  • Social marketing
  • Data science
  • Partnerships and sponsorships
  • Direct marketing
  • Communication strategy

Thinking of joining a Public Sector framework?

Look no further than GovData!

Our team of experts have decades of experience in not just getting our clients onto Public Sector Frameworks, but helping them source the best framework opportunities for their business and truly make the most out of them. For more information on how GovData can help your business evolve with the help of a successful Public Sector bid, contact us using the form below:

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