Tender and Public Procurement Services

Tender and Public Procurement Services from GovData

Find the right end-to-end Consultancy Services to support your business to win and grow with Public Sector tenders, contracts and frameworks


The UK Government spends an incredible £357 Bn on goods and services every single year and that number is growing. SMEs and growing business are a key part of the Government’s procurement strategy and GovData are the ideal partner to help you grow within Public Sector.


Our numbers speak for themselves, in the last 20 years we’ve won over £37 Bn in opportunities with our clients. As leaders in the public sector field, we are proud of our 97% framework success rate.

It’s easy to see why SMEs across the UK choose GovData to secure their framework bids every day.


With unique internal and external expertise within Government, the team at GovData are the ideal partners to help your business create and grow your opportunity within the Public Sector. Our Public Sector procurement solutions are designed to help you compete and win.

Helping you find and win the right tenders and public procurement opportunities for your business

Working with the Government or Public Sector can feel a bit like a minefield, with so many acronyms, regulations, and compliance requirements to deal with, it’s perhaps no wonder that SMEs steer clear of tendering for Public Sector work. In some cases, organisations simply don’t know where to start or what to do when they find an opportunity – at GovData we’re specialists in supporting SMEs to access and win Tender and Public Procurement opportunities, creating value for your business as well as driving economic growth and innovation in our public services. We’re skilled in Framework Submissions, Bid Management, Bid Writing, and Contract Finding and we’re here to help you grow.

33% of all government spend to be awarded to SMEs

Since SME champions were embedded in UK Government departments back in 2012, the ambition for better engagement and a fairer procurement landscape has been a key strategy for procurement bodies like Crown Commercial Services and SBS. Now the aim is set for £1 in every £3 to be spent with SMEs, our goal is to help SMEs find, access, and win government business and we’re here to help you do just that.


GovData Public Sector Tender Consultancy Services for SMEs

Helping you access public sector opportunities.


All Public Sector contracts should be awarded through an official Government procurement framework. These procurement frameworks are open to everyone and cover everything from IT and Technology Services to HR and People, Building and Infrastructure and Professional Services. You can find a list of current government frameworks here with extensive information on values and lots available for supply.

Getting onto a framework is the first step to securing any Government contracts for SMEs and are effectively a list of organisations pre-approved to supply specific solutions or products to the Public Sector. Once your organisation has been successfully awarded approved framework status, organisations and individuals within the Public Sector can buy from you without any additional tender requirements.

We can help you to find the right framework for your business and work with you to map your solutions, services, and products to the right framework lots. We work with you through the ITT, PQQ, Submission, Evidence and Contract Examples to get your businesses awarded a framework position – and we have a 97% success rate, that’s why our Tender Consultancy Services are trusted by SME’s across the UK.

Framework Submission Services


In some cases, a framework award can mean that you’re able to supply Government departments without a competitive tender. Known as Direct Award, this framework status means that you may be awarded contracts up to £1.5m without a bidding situation. In most cases however, contracts are awarded to framework suppliers via a tender based competitive award. Whilst not the same as a framework, tenders do mean you need to put your best bidding hat on to win. Our bid team have many years of experience in helping SMEs compete and win Public Sector contracts and will work with you to create a winning bid that ticks all the boxes that you need to supply Government. These include typically:

  • Quality Business (Business Ethos, plans, strategy, corporate responsibility)
  • Quality Customer (Customer standards, SLA)
  • Contract specific questions
  • Contract Examples and evidence
  • Commercial modelling

If you’re thinking of competing for a specific bid or just need some Public Sector guidance, get in touch with our Tender Consultancy Services. We’re a neutral Government facilitator and act as a partner to help your business succeed.

Public Sector Bid Writing Services


We know from thousands of tender submissions and framework awards just how time-consuming and resource-heavy preparing a tender submission can be. If you’re starting from scratch it can feel like a huge uphill task to assess the questions, prepare responses, collate examples, and make sure you’re demonstrating compliance at all levels.

When the added time factor is included, tender preparation, even for the experienced in Public Sector, can be easy to make mistakes that can make or break your submission. Our Tender Consultancy Services are dedicated to making sure your tender is 100% and put you in the best position to win, it’s why we’ve won over £37 bn in Public Sector contracts with our clients and we’d love to help you too.

Tender and Public Sector Procurement Tender Preparation Services


If you’re just getting started with Public Sector procurement or looking to grow your footprint then GovData’s “Readiness Assessment” is a great place to start. Together we’ll understand your current scenario, what you have, don’t have and what you need to maximise your public sector opportunity. And, even better, Tender Consultancy Services team have extensive examples and experience of 100% scoring questions to help you present the right answer in the right way that’ll get your business moving.

If you’re thinking about growing your SME business with the Public Sector but you’re not sure how or where to get started, then we can help. Our public sector for SME readiness assessment will help you set a clear pathway to winning Public Sector contracts.

Tender and Public Sector Procurement Tender Readiness Assessment



If you’re thinking about growing your SME business with Public Sector tenders but you’re not sure how or where to get started, then we can help. Our Public Sector for SME readiness assessment will help you set a clear pathway to winning Public Sector contracts.


For 20 Years, we’ve helped SMEs win over £37 Billion in Public Sector revenue and that all starts with getting your business onto the right framework. Our end-to-end Framework service will get your Public Sector growth on the path to greatness.


Whether you need us for one bid or our help and guidance to grow your footprint with SME Government contracts, we’re here to help. Do you have a bid that you’re working on? Not sure if it’s Public Sector ready? Our experienced team of bid managers are on hand to make sure your bid has everything you need to succeed.


We have felt first-hand the challenges that SMEs face in winning Public Sector opportunities. Our experienced team will help you break down the barriers to winning Public Sector bids and practically help you champion simple, powerful, real-world information to help your business to compete and win.


Nicole Fletcher - Senior Bid Reviewer

Nicole Fletcher

Senior Bid Reviewer
I started off my journey with GovData as an Account Executive and have progressed in my two years of service to a Senior Bid Reviewer. I have experience working on all Pillars within Delivery but particularly enjoy working on the People Pillar and recruitment frameworks.
Joe Hazeldine Account Executive

Joe Hazeldine

Account Executive
I am an Account Executive and have worked with the Delivery Team for 7 months after moving from the Data Research Department. In my time so far, 100% of my customers have been successfully appointed onto their Framework. With an end-to-end customer management approach, I am thoroughly enjoying watching my customers grow in the public sector and become confident in bidding for opportunities and winning contracts.
Gulam Ali Bids Reviewer

Ghulam Ali

Bids Reviewer & Bid Support IT Pillar
I have over 30 years of expertise in IT sector mostly networking, ERP implementation and management with various accreditations and certifications. My roles is IT Manager, senior Business Consultant and IT Pillar Bid Reviewer. I pride myself on being a contracts professional with a record of achievement in cost reduction, process improvements, performance improvement, sourcing and supplier relationship management and development.

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